1. Place of installation

Where should the water treatment components be installed? (e.g.: mobile home, caravan, expedition vehicle, boat, houseboat, etc.)
Installation location
In which countries are you traveling?

2. Amount of water

How high is your expected total requirement for treated water? Please enter the respective information in the empty field

3. Water quality

What different water sources do you want to get your water from?
Water sources (exclusively fresh water)
What percentage (%) of surface water do you plan to refill?
If the water quality is known: Are laboratory analyzes available?

Do you prefer the pre-filtration of the water as a mobile or permanently installed unit?

4. Water consumer(s) on board

Which fittings/tap points would you like to supply with treated water?
Do you have a hot water boiler?

Is there a tap in the kitchen?
required water quality
To what extent do you want to remove pollutants from your drinking water?
1 Recommended areas of application: food preparation, drinking etc.
2 Recommended areas of application: personal hygiene, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.

Is there a bathroom including fittings?
What water quality do you want in the bathroom?
1 Recommended areas of application: food preparation, drinking etc.
2 Recommended areas of application: personal hygiene, dishwasher, washing machine, etc.
How many taps does your bathroom have?
How many showers does your bathroom have?
What water flow do you want in the shower?
Does your bathroom have a toilet?

Do you have a washing machine?

Are there any fittings in the exterior area?
Do you have an outside shower?
Do you have an outdoor kitchen?

5. Water storage and tank properties

Where do you store your water and how many liters do you have on board?
Does your water system have water storage? (tanks, containers, etc.)
What material is your tank made of?

Do you have a reverse osmosis system/desalination system upstream of the tank?

6. Water supply and water distribution

Which pipe system and which pump(s) are installed in your fresh water system?
Which pipes/ hoses are installed in your water system?
What is the inner diameter of your hose?
What is the outside diameter of your plug-in tube?

Is there a permanently installed water pump?
What type of pump is installed?
How will be the pump controlled?
How will be the pump controlled?

Is there a mobile water pump (e.g. for pumping surface water into a tank)?

7. Technologies of water disinfection

Which automatic water disinfection technology do you prefer?

Vergleich der Desinfektionstechnologien
(UV-C LED water disinfection device)
Sterile filtration
(Sterile filtration size M)
Acquisition costs high medium
Operating costs none medium
Maintanance or change interval none medium
Flow loss low medium to high
Disinfection performance medium to high
(flow rate dependent)
medium to high
(no viruses)
Inactivation/retention bacteriy, germs yes yes
Inactivation/retention of viruses yes no
Inactivation/retention single-celled organisms (e.g. amoebae) yes yes
Disinfection by-products none none
Taste and odour nuisance none none
Sensor-based function monitoring yes no
Automatic disinfection yes yes

8. Energy supply

What energy supply options do you have, e.g. for a pump?
What power supply do you have?

9. Delivery date and installation

By when do you need the water treatment components and how/where will it be installed?
How/where will be the installation carried out?

By when do you need the water treatment components?
Other Information